Path To Success: Early Preparation for College

For many children growing up, college can be a scary thought. But for the sixty 8th grade students from Henrietta Junior High School, all of those questions were answered at the fifth annual "college day" field trip at Midwestern State University.

Many students were excited as they stepped off the school bus and onto the MSU campus. Admissions Officer Dustin Webb greeted the students for a day filled with the college experience.

The students were able to walk around campus, got to eat lunch at the food court and received a tour of the freshmen dorm rooms. They even sat in a lecture hall where they learned all about the college process and received answers to all of their questions that ranged from how to apply to college to other such as if they had a curfew in the dorms. Many of them were surprised when they found out that they actually get to pick the times they go to class.

Webb says, "The earlier they start considering what they want to do, where they want to go and how they want to get there the better for everyone because preparation is the key to success."

MSU and Henrietta ISD hopes the tour becomes an invaluable experience for each student. At the end of the tour, students were energetic and motivated than ever to go to college.

"I see it as soon as they're leaving, they're chanting MSU of just talking about how they can't wait to go to college so it's actually the most rewarding part of this job", says Webb.

Henrietta ISD has had an increasing number of graduating high school students going off to two and four year colleges, and believes that this event plays a significant role in continuing to raise those numbers.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.