Community Service Champion: Helping The Humane Society

Community Service Champion: Helping The Humane Society

The Humane Society of Wichita County now has a unique place for dogs to play and it's all thanks to one Texoma teen.  As part of his Eagle Scouts project, Evan Parker built an agility course. It turns out, it's actually helped some of the dogs find forever homes.That's why he's this month's Newschannel 6 Community Service Champion.

"Growing up, I volunteered here a lot and I have two dogs from here so it hit home with me. They gave me two animals, so I want to give something back to them," Parker said.
The project presented was quite a feat, but the then 16-year-old knew he could handle it.

"They said they had this big project that I could do a part of it and I thought, you know what, I'll do the whole thing," Parker said.

"From there, he took measurements and put the plans together and had people help him.  He actually built everything at home in his garage and when it was completed he brought it out here and put it all in place for us," Humane Society board member Marvin Peevey said.

It took months to plan and build, but Evan's troop helped him complete the agility course.  Now, it's in place and getting lots of good use.

"It's good exercise for the dogs and also some of the other groups in town can come use the agility course. We have a lot of volunteers on the weekend who walk the dogs and they utilize it as well," Peevey said.

"Last time I came here there were two to three dogs doing the thing. I learned today all those dogs that are trained on agility course, have been adopted relatively quickly," Parker said.

"He obviously put in a lot of time and detail and a lot of dogs love going up the equipment. It's just a great thing," Peevey said.

"It feels really good knowing you contributed to your own community and people appreciate what you do," Parker said.

"He is an awesome young man, very energetic. He has definite goals and makes sure he achieves those goals and he recently received his Eagle Scout honor," Peevey said.

Evan has been an Eagle Scout for 11 years.  While most of the materials were donated, Evan did spend about $200 of his own money on the project.

If you know an outstanding person in our community, like Evan, tell us about them.  Each month we select one person as our Community Service Champion.  We're going to honor them all in October at a banquet and we'll announce our Champion of the Year.  Whether they go over and above with their volunteer service, or inspire those around them in other ways, we want to hear their stories. The easiest way is to email us at or by filling out a nomination form.  You can find it by clicking here.

Lindsey Forst, Newschannel 6