Iowa Park Approves Alcohol Sales

The City of Iowa Park has been alcohol dry for 95 years. But now, residents have passed a measure allowing the sale of alcohol within the city. Both sides were neck and neck during early voting, but the final results show that the measure passed with just over 52 percent of the votes, while 47 percent voted against it.

Tim Sheppard, a supporter of the measure says selling alcohol "could bring more money, more revenue for the city to seek other ventures to find water whether it be wells or more pipelines brought from somewhere else to bring more water to our community because that's our biggest problem."

Residents will no longer have to drive to a different city to purchase liquor. Through the sale of alcohol, Iowa Park is hoping to make revenue and add new businesses to the city.

Now that the measure has passed, alcohol can be purchased in every city of Wichita County.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.