City Elections 2013: Holliday School Bond Gets Approved

City Elections 2013: Holliday School Bond Gets Approved

The results are in for the Holliday school bond election and the majority of the residents have chosen to pay more property taxes to help improve the school's facilities.

Both Holliday and Lakeside City residents voted on the $15 million school bond election. The final results showed that 443 people voted in favor of the bond and 425 voted against it.

School officials say the money is needed because students are learning in cramped quarters that haven't been upgraded since they were built over 30 years ago. Kids are not able to spend enough time in laboratories because there's 450 of them and only two labs. Also, since there's not enough space, some of the students have to take classes in portable buildings. These are just a few of many other problems that need to be fixed.

Holliday ISD's Superintendent Kevin Dyes is thankful the community has decided in favor of the students.

"I think now we have a big responsibility. We just passed it but now the work really starts in terms of getting the facilities planned out with the community support and getting the kids in them to use them. So I'm excited about the possibilities for Holliday ISD," said Dyes.

Residents will have to pay more property taxes for a period of 25 years but if you're over 65 or disabled you might be exempt from that raise.

Now that the bond has been approved, Dyes says the school board will meet with the community and construction experts to come up with a plan for the new buildings. School officials are hoping the project will be completed by the end of 2014.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6