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Burkburnett Approves Family Aquatic Center

The long awaited decision on the Burk Family Aquatic Center has been made. The results are in and after a close race, Burkburnett is getting a new facility. People cheered outside the Community Center as the results were posted. The total vote came in and it was a difference of just 144 votes. The measure passed with 766 votes for the project and 622 against it.

The Family Aquatic Center raised a number of concerns for some Burk residents. Conscious of the prolonged drought, some felt that it was more important to save water,  and for others, it came down to dollars and cents. The project will cause a slight raise in taxes however, some say the business is needed and the children will now have something to do inside the city. "I feel that Burkburnett will become a more hometown place. That children will be here more often and stay inside the city. I just hope that we can afford the center and that we have enough water for it," said one resident after casting her vote.

The Family Aquatic Center will cost the city 4.4 million dollars. And now that the project is approved, the city will actively seek sponsors for the facility, to help reduce the overall cost to build. The city will not begin construction until after the existing pool is closed at the end of the summer season. The Family Aquatic Center will be built in the same location as the existing pool, and because it will be bigger, the facility will also use some of the adjacent land from the park. The new facility is set to open in May of next year.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.

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