Texoma Seniors Receiving Suspicious Calls

Texoma Seniors Receiving Suspicious Calls

Over the past few weeks, the Better Business Bureau has received numerous calls from consumers across our 16 county service area stating someone had called to inform them a medical alert device, similar to Life Alert, had been purchased for them and it will be delivered at no charge.

One senior citizen reported she received such a call and was told they were having trouble delivering it. The caller in all instances wants to ship a free medical alert system and they are trying to get the address to ship it to you. The consumer told the caller that she had not ordered this product and was told that someone had already paid for the medical alert system for her.

Another consumer contacted the BBB with a bill they received in the mail for a recurring charge of $34.95 per month for a medical alert system recurring charge that was not ordered.

BBB research on the phone numbers indicate the calls come by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - a telephone call made over an IP network.

These kinds of calls are very suspicious because of the secretive nature and lack of full disclosure to their real purpose.

Remember to never give out any of your personal information over the phone, regardless of what they say it's for.

You can always report the "do not call" list violators to the Federal Trade Commission.