Grass Fire Evacuation

Grass Fire Evacuation

Firefighters were battling a grass fire near at Riatta Village, near 3700 Central Freeway. "It started over by, back where Merry comes into Nashua, and gets along-side of the road. And it comes all the way around the park. So it's about a quarter mile," said Jeff Tyree Manager of Riatta Village.

The fire started just before 1:30 Monday afternoon. Over 20 trailers had to be evacuated, as flames moved closer to homes. Four fire departments were on hand including Wichita Falls F.D., Burkburnett V.F.D., Cameron Gardens V.F.D and Sheppard Air Force Base F.D. "One of my guys saw it first. It wasn't no bigger than a trash can lid or something, just a small fire. And by the time I dialed 911 and they got here, it was out of control," said Tyree.

Firefighters were conducting back burns to keep the fire contained and prevent homes from burning down, and flames from reaching the railroad tracks. We've been trying to get it contained. And the fire department's done a really good job. I'm just trying to keep my house from burning," said Jesse West. His home was just twenty feet away from the burning brush.

Residents were working with the fire department, using hoses to keep the grass and trees wet in a last ditch effort to save their homes. Tyree commended the fire department on the job they were doing. "I don't think it's gonna go up now. I think the firemen have done a hell of a job. But we're within 20 feet, that's a little close for comfort," said Tyree.

No injuries were reported and no structures sustained any damage. Firefighter's are working to determine the cause of the fire. "We did this last year, same thing on the other side, scenario. Right next to the road people come through, and coming down the road and they throw a cigarette out and next thing you know we've got a fire," said Tyree.

The evacuation was lifted and residents were allowed back in their homes before 6:00pm. Firefighter's said, they will be on scene all night, making sure the fire is out and there are no hotspots.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.