NTSB Proposes Stricter Drunk Driving Limits

NTSB Proposes Stricter Drunk Driving Limits

One of many recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board proposed on Tuesday was to drop the legal limit for driving after consuming alcohol from .08 to .05.

One Wichita Falls resident we spoke with said, "I think its a good thing and I think they need to go a little lower with it to tell you the truth. A lot of people need to think if they're going to pick that bottle up, they need to stay home."

NTSB officials say they need to do something to cut down on the 10,000 traffic deaths attributed to drunk driving annually. Some Wichita Falls residents think lowering the limit won't stop offenders. One said, "Its just like anything else, some people are going to do what they want to do no matter what the law tells them."

More than 100 countries have adopted a legal limit of .05 or lower. In the 10 years since Europe has done so, they've seen the number of traffic deaths attributed to alcohol cut by more than 50%.

Another resident told us he's all for making the streets safer, but questions if some of the people who would be over the new limit, deserve the harsh punishment. He said, "I don't think sitting outside these bars catching a guy that just celebrated his birthday and had one beer, two beers, gets pulled over and they say you're driving under the influence... I don't believe in that, no."

The NTSB does not have the power to force states to accept their recommendation, but if the movement gets enough support, the National Highway Safety Administration could withhold funding for state highways.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6