Farmers Market Has An Unusual Kick Off

Farmers Market Has An Unusual Kick Off

Usually the opening day of the Wichita Falls Farmers Market is bustling with lots of Texoma vendors trying to sell the fresh produce they got straight from their back yard.

But this year the only vendor customers were able to buy from was Terry Parks.

"I love the farmers market but I'm a little disappointed today that there's only one vendor here. There's less selection but other than that I try to make it down here a couple of times a week," said a Wichita Falls resident.

And a costumer who drove all the way from Olney, OK said, "I thought there would be more but they have a good variety so it's fine. But I would like to come next week. I know they've had really bad weather here so I would like to catch something local."

The usual local vendors from Charlie, TX had to sit out on opening day because the freezing temperatures we had in late April destroyed a lot of their produce. Farmers had to replant and they're still waiting for a product they can put on the table.

Parks buys his fruit and vegetables from farmers outside Texoma so he was able to set up shop. But that doesn't mean he's not feeling the pinch from the crazy weather. Parks said the drought has forced produce prices to sky rocket.

"Las year the typical load I bring in would cost $2,500 or $3,000 but this year it ran a little over four," said Parks.

The mild temperatures has slowed down the production of okra, corn and black eyed peas. That's why customers shouldn't expect to see much of it yet. But other than that, Parks said opening day has been pretty normal.

"As far as the people coming in, they're coming in like always. They're just ready for fresh stuff," said Parks.

The farmers from Charlie will be back at the market on May 21st.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6