Electra Swearing-In Delayed

Electra Swearing-In Delayed

The City of Electra has delayed the swearing-in of newly elected City Commissioners because two current members were unable to attend Tuesday nights scheduled meeting, meaning a quorum was not reached.

Outgoing Commissioner Bill Davis was unable to attend because of work, and Commissioner Pam Ward was ill. An antonymous resident of the city called Newschannel 6 and said the commissioners missed the meeting intentionally, all to prevent two new commissioners from being sworn-in and executing a plan to oust Police Chief Johnny Morris.

Commissioner Davis said he was in fact working, and unable to attend; while newly elected Commissioner Dr. Tom Delizio said he has no plans to force Chief Morris out of his position.

We asked Mayor Curtis Warner if he'd heard some of the rumors reported to us. Regarding the new commissioners intentions, he said, "I would love to say no, but I've heard rumors... and that's all it is to me. I put no stock in rumors." Regarding Commissioners missing a meeting on purpose, the mayor said, "I don't believe that and I'm not going to credit it with a yes or no because I don't believe we got that kind of people here that would sabotage our city."

Chief Morris said he doesn't deal in rumors and also does his best to stay out of the city council's politics. The mayor also expressed his support for his long-time chief.

Newly elected officials must be sworn in within 10 days of being elected, that deadline is a week from Wednesday. Mayor Warner said they're scheduling three consecutive city council meetings next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure they can get everyone in. He said the city has also reached out to the State Attorney General's Office and The Texas Municipal league for guidance on how to proceed.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6