Nocona Twister

Nocona Twister

It was a frightening moment for residents living in Nocona as they saw a tornado forming right in front of their eyes. The tornado touched down near Lake Nocona and swept northeast of the lake.

"When I went out on my porch the clouds were forming and they were swirling and then we heard that there was a tornado on the ground" says Nocona resident Jerri McNatt.

A tornado warning and phone emergency notification was issued ten minutes before the tornado hit, forcing residents to take cover in nearby shelters. McNatt and some other residents went down to the Church of Brethren and took cover in a basement.

Areas around Nocona Lake Estates sustained some damage. One home was destroyed; two other homes had severe damage along with several damaged roofs. Residences around the area were without power for some time.

Officials went around the affected areas to assess the damage near the lake and help residents clean up. Currently there are no reports of injuries in Montague County.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.