Tornado Destroys Homes And Businesses In Bowie

Tornado Destroys Homes And Businesses In Bowie

Cleanup and recovery efforts are in full force today as many as ten twisters wreaked havoc on a number of Texas towns.

Homes and businesses have been completely destroyed by one of them in a community south of Bowie. Ray Chapmond has been staring all day at the rubble that used to be his home. He said he was relaxing inside the house with his wife Wednesday evening when a noise made him look out the window.

"I saw the hurricane, I mean, the tornado coming and I just told my wife get in the restroom really quick. Just run to the bathroom. So we ran to the bathroom and I covered her up and in about 30 seconds it was over and everything was gone," said Chapmond.

Chapmon's belongings are not just sitting in this pile of debris. The tornado scattered pieces of his property and the Top O'The Lake Country Club's property all around the community. In fact, flying debris from the county club is what made one of Chapman's neighbors notice something was going terribly wrong.

"When I looked out my back door we saw the country club's roof coming towards our back yard and trees being lifted up so we shut the door, ran to the bath tub and got in with a mattress over us," said resident Brandi Parrish.

But the country club lost more than just its roof. If it wasn't for the golf balls laying around you might not be able to tell that this used to be the club's pro shop. The kitchen and the manager's office were complete flattened. The club's employees said it feels like their whole lives have been shattered.

"For my workers and myself this was a second home. There's some people here that work with me that have been here from the beginning and we're together more than we are with family," said Heather Tinkey, the manager of Top O'The Lake Country Club.

And owner Gregg Underwood says, "I grew up here like a lot of people around here. I have a lot of fond memories of it."

Thankfully the club was closed early on Wednesday and employees were safe and away from the line of fire. The owner says it will take about $900,000 to replace the building but he's confident he will rebuild with the help of the community.

People at the country club are certainly not letting the tornado break their spirits. In fact, they're still planning on hosting a golf tournament for charity this Saturday.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6