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Life Lesson Via Cotillion For 6th Graders

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One Wichita Falls elementary school's class of 6th graders got a lesson on Thursday. Hopefully, it is a "life lesson" that will help them in many different ways. It was a lesson in manners. It all got started a couple of weeks ago with dance lessons.
"It's pretty fun. I mean it's not that hard for the dances. It's really just two-step and waltz," said Monse Benitez.
Before you can dance you have to eat. It's what happens at a "dinner dance", and the kids learned all about etiquette at the dinner table.
The hope is to give the kids the upper hand at something they start now, and use the rest of their lives.
"The goal of the cotillion tonight is to teach the kids manners," said January Jones of the Wichita Falls Junior League. "This is something they don't normally get is a nice dinner, someone to serve them. So, it's to teach them that going forward in the future manners that they can use."
"We've learned a lot about etiquette manners and I've learned things I didn't know before," said Benitez. "If I want to apply for a job, it could help me."
After learning where your fork, knife and spoon go, and what to do with your napkin it was off to test the real thing at a dinner dance.
"Dinner went really good. I mean the food was great," said Benitez. "We used our manners we remembered everything."
Everyone seemed to have passed the etiquette test at dinner. Then it was on to the dance which earlier in the afternoon seemed to have created some anxious moments.
"Us girls could also ask the guys. It's not weird. It's just," Benitez paused.
"Would the word awkward fit?" I asked.
"Yea," said Benitez.
But, it all seemed to have gone well when the time came.
"Nothing awkward no," said a relieved Benitez. "It's really fun dancing with guys. I didn't even know half of the guys could dance."
These 6th graders now have an upper hand in life. It's all thanks to Partners In Education and the Wichita Falls Junior League.
You Sam Houston 5th graders better pay attention. You will be doing it next year.