WFISD Is Overstaffed

WFISD Is Overstaffed

A rumor has been circulating that Wichita Falls Independent School District will be eliminating art, music and physical education programs. Fortunately, this will not be the case. WFISD Superintendent Dr. John Frossard clarified that the district has no intentions of eliminating those classes.

However, a recent assessment of the budget brought light to a different problem. The school district is severely overstaffed. WFISD has been known to have a favorable student-teacher ratio compared to other districts in the state, but they can no longer afford this luxury.

Special ed classes were understaffed while health and physical education classes were overstaffed. To operate more efficiently, the district will being implementing strict staffing ratios next year through attrition.

"We're trying to move toward the lower end of the state averages which are still pretty favorable and we're hoping to recapture about 3 million dollars over a 2 year period. We're not laying anybody off. We're trying to do it entirely out of attrition" says Superintendent Dr. John Frossard.

Despite the attrition taking place, WFISD officials say the new staffing ratios will still be more favorable than most school districts in the state. Despite their current problem, WFISD officials say students have and will always be their top priority.

The student-teacher ratios for next year have not yet been determined but it will vary depending on the grade level and the subject of the class. The district currently employs more than 1000 teachers and more than 14,000 students attend schools in the district.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.