Drought Watch: Burkburnett Makes Major Changes

Drought Watch: Burkburnett Makes Major Changes

Burkburnett residents may soon see a rise in their water bills. The Board of Commissioners has passed a measure making changes to the water conservation plan.

The measure will place a surcharge on water usage and decrease the days and hours for irrigation. City officials say they are not seeing as much water conservation as they'd hoped, now more must be done.

"We've been watching our consumption closely and we have not seen the total reduction in consumption that we would like to see. So we thought the best course at this was to propose a change to our existing drought contingency plan, and implement a lot of the same items that Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas have in there's, as to be consistent." said Tim James, City Manager for Burkburnett.

The changes to stage three restrictions include just one day to irrigate on resident's specified day and residents would only have from eight pm. To twelve pm. To do so. Surcharges will range from one dollar to four dollars per thousand gallons, if a household uses more than the average amount of water.

The average household uses about eight-thousand gallons of water per month. The surcharges are designed to begin when residents start using excessive water for non-essential purposes outside of the home.

The changes will go into effect June first. This gives the city time to notify residents via the city paper, water bills, and online. Residents using more than eight-thousand gallons of water can expect to see a change in their water bills starting in July.

James says this is one way of getting people's attention. And it's also a mechanism to encourage cutting back on water usage.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.