Help the Blacksox Help Oklahoma!

By you've probably seen the horrible pictures from Moore, Oklahoma, and you're probably wondering how you can help.

A great way is to donate supplies, and the Burkburnett Blacksox baseball team is doing their part.

They're collecting donations at their headquarters at 510 W. 1st Street in Burkburnett, looking mainly for water, Gatorade, clothing, baby wipes and work gloves.

They'll be collecting until Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Blacksox Director of Operations Tommy Scholl said he's hoping the entire Texoma community, not just the Blacksox family, will step up and help.

"This is not just a Blacksox operation," Scholl said. "We want anybody and everybody to feel free to stop by, donate items that these families need. Local high school coaches, whether it's football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, or mom and dad from down the street, we want everybody to be involved."

Scholl is from Wichita Falls, but lived a large part of his life in the Oklahoma City area. The Blacksox also have many alums who play or played at OU and OSU and now the program even has a team in Oklahoma City.

"It hits really close to home," Scholl said. "We have players from our program that are at Oklahoma State, players at OU, current players that are going to OU. The coaching staffs of both places are personal friends of mine and of the program. And especially now, over the last five or six years we've had quite a few Oklahoma City-area kids in our program."

The team hopes to fill all 15 of their team busses, and four equipment trailers, then drive up to Moore to make their donations Wednesday night.