W.F. Storm Shelter Sign-Up

W.F. Storm Shelter Sign-Up

In the wake of the devastating Moore Tornado, people across Texoma are making sure they're prepared for the worst.

In Wichita Falls hundreds of residents are calling and e-mailing the city to register their storm shelters, just in case a twister drops a house, car, tree or any kind of debris right on top of them.

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator John Henderson says the quick and easy registration helps first responders in their search. He said, "This is one more way to help the responders get to you quicker and maybe get the accountability."

Accountability is another major factor, as both first responders and family members scramble to find survivors after a disaster. Having an accurate list of whose missing from where helps rescuers know where to concentrate the search.

Knowing exactly where to look can also help if the weather is still dangerous. Henderson said, "The weather still may be going on, it may be raining, and we may not be able to hear. There's a lot of noise a lot of sirens, people could be yelling."

Henderson estimates they already have more than 2000 shelters in Wichita Falls in the system and said they're working to get them all plotted on a map. He said, "Every little bit of information that citizens can give us will help speed up that process of search and rescue."

You can register your shelter in Wichita Falls by calling 761-7901 or going online. You can also register shelters in Wichita County, Burkburnett, Electra Or Iowa Park, on the county website.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6