Tornado Victims In Montague Co. Could Get Financial Help

Tornado victims in Montague County are still picking up the pieces left behind by a tornado but they could be receiving some financial help from the state and federal government.

A tornado that ripped through the area a week ago forced crews to strip down the interior of a home in the Amon G. Carter Lake area south of Bowie.

"Part of the roof was completely gone. A few of the main members on the roof are broken and then of course after that all the water came in," said Tab Tettleton.

Tettleton has been the executor of the estate since his mother died a year ago. He said once the water from the storm came in through the roof, he was forced to call crews in to rip out the carpet and sheet rock.

The roof and most of the siding will have to be replaced and he's counting on his insurance to pay the hefty bill that comes with rebuilding.

"There hasn't been enough damage to pay us out because we have a $145,000 on the structure itself and they're only giving us $80,000," said Tettleton.

But affected residents might have some financial help headed their way. Montague Co. Emergency Manager Kelly McNabb said he and other officials did a preliminary assessment of the damage. They found that a total of 22 houses and mobile homes were affected. That's why they asked Governor Rick Perry to declare the area a disaster zone. If approved, affected residents could get some money from the state and FEMA.

If your home or business was damaged you should be saving receipts for any expenses related to the tornado and take a lot of the pictures of the damage. That will help you if you get to apply for assistance.

McNabb said it could take weeks before the governor decides if he will declare that area a disaster zone. If he approves it state and FEMA officials will contact those affected directly to fill out paper work for assistance.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6