WFISD School Fundraising Through Recycling

WFISD School Fundraising Through Recycling

Lamar Elementary School raises all of its money for the year, through a number of recycling programs.

"We haven't had to have an actual fundraiser at the school in three years," said Donna Bradford, the parent volunteer who runs the program.

Students are encouraged to throw certain items in recycling bins, rather than the trash. Then, some students help crush bottles, peel labels and sort the items into categories.

Through, Lamar gets points for each item they send in, and those points can be redeemed for cash or school supplies. Sending to terracycle is completely free for the school.

Lamar also participates in three other recycling programs, including Box Tops, Labels 4 Education and the SunnyD BookSpree. That means some items can be recycled in more than one way. For example, the plastic from a SunnyD bottle goes to terracycle and the label to SunnyD BookSpree

In one school year, they raised $1,000. Student Council then decides how to use the funds, which are designated for extra activities like field trips. "We have field trips and field day and extra stuff that we can do, just so we can have fun," said Lance Sanchez, who helps with the program.

Each grade level competes to see who can raise the most money, but some students have the bigger picture in mind. "I think it's all good, because it's going toward recycling," said fourth grader Ariel Kirkland. "I just want to keep the earth clean."

Christina Myers