Moore Disaster Donations

Moore Disaster Donations

There's been some confusion regarding donations being sent to Moore, Oklahoma. The city has said in a message on their website, that they are no longer in need of donations, but that's not quite the case.

The city of Moore has very thankfully and respectfully asked if people could stop sending in donations unless they are monetary.

"We have to be respectful of the community of Moore and don't cause a disaster on top of the disaster that they've already had," said Katrina Farmer, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of North Central Texas.

Jayme Shelton, Public Information Officer for Moore said, on top of the current rescue and recovery efforts they just cannot manage the logistics of donations. They don't have a distribution center or anyone to run it.

"We don't want to cause another disaster on top of what they're going through, by forcing the community to find volunteers, to sort through this stuff, to store it somewhere, to make it so that people can come and get it if they even want it," said Farmer.

She says in these situations people need slow down, take a step back and listen to find out the needs of the victims. "Wait, stop sending stuff to Moore until you hear that they need a specific item," said Farmer.

There are a number of collection efforts taking place, that will be sending items to Oklahoma. Most of them have coordinated with organizations and churches in Moore and are still accepting public donations. However, those that plan to take in-kind donations and drop them off at the city have been asked to stop.

"If you want to make a donation, take your donated items and have a yard sale. Get rid of it. Take the money and donate it to a reputable organization, whatever organization you believe in," said Farmer. That's exactly what Aaron Woodard is doing. He was planning to declutter his garage and is now doing so to help people who need it most.

"I'm just going to have a yard sale and you know put some signs up, and then whoever stops by and just do donations for the stuff they want. Every little bit helps", said Woodard.

Woodard is welcoming items from those who want to help raise money for the people of Moore. The yard sale will be Saturday morning at 8:00, at 4311 Rhea Road.

Moore officials said, they will resume accepting donations when they have secured a location and have figured out staffing, hours, and other logistics.

For a list of places and numbers to text monetary donations click here.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.