Stuck On Train Tracks

Stuck On Train Tracks

The first thing you should do if your vehicle ever gets stuck on train tracks is get out and to a safe distance from the tracks.

"Next thing is call 911. Let the dispatchers know where you are and that your vehicle is stuck on the tracks," said Wichita Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. John Spragins.

Dispatch can notify the train company within seconds and any train heading your way can begin to stop.

It takes a train traveling 50 miles per hour about one mile to come to a complete stop. That's according to Joe Faust, the Director of Public Affairs for BNSF, the train company that runs through Wichita Falls.

Railroad historian and former train conductor Steve Goins said once you are a safe distance from the tracks, you must walk toward the oncoming train. If you walk in the opposite direction, when the train hits your vehicle, you will be in the line of flying debris.

Christina Myers