Deputy Shot Three Times Returns To Work

Deputy Shot Three Times Returns To Work

What should have been a routine traffic stop for Montague County Sheriff Deputy James Boyd turned into a nightmare in just seconds.

"The main thing before I got shot was something wasn't right. After that was mainly to get the guy stopped… and get me help. That's all I can remember going through my head" says Boyd.

On March 21st, Boyd was shot three times by paroled inmate Evan Ebel who was suspected in the slaying of Colorado's Prison Chief. One bullet grazed his forehead while two hit him in the chest. Boyd says his bullet proof vest is what saved his life. Now only two months later, Boyd is ready to go back to work. He was so anxious to get back to work that he was even asking when he could get back to work just days after being shot.

Extensive rehab which included working on coordination, balance and problem solving are just some of many Boyd had to endure. But all of his sacrifice isn't lost on Texoma. He was honored Friday with a new bullet proof vest and the 'Save' Award for his role in Ebel's capture. He also received personalized duty gear, body armor and a plaque.

Upon his return, Boyd will work in dispatch for the first 3 days and then go back to rehab for a week. After that he will slowly be eased back into full time patrol. Reflecting back on his last few months, Boyd says he was able to get through thanks to the love and support from everyone around him.

He says "It's been a long road… but it's been very good."

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.