Teenager Dies After Accident

Teenager Dies After Accident

One Wichita Falls teenager died on Sunday and another was sent to the hospital when they fell off the back of a moving minivan.

Casey Garza, a 16 year-old Junior at Rider High School, and another teenager the same age were standing on the bumper of the van and holding on to the luggage rack when it snapped, sending them falling to the pavement. Garza died from his injuries.

The practice of "Car Surfing" or riding on top of or behind a car is not necessarily common in Texoma, but Sergeant John Spragins says they've seen it before. He said, "We've run into cases before when kids have gotten onto cars and done things. The sad thing is it can lead to some serious bodily injury or death."

The accident is still under investigation by the Crash Unit and Juvenile Services and no charges have been filed. Sgt. Spragins could not comment on whether the driver or anyone else may face charges, but said anyone involved in incidents similar to this one could be charged with a crime.

Preventing these crimes, especially during the Summer months when so many people are out, can be difficult. Spragins said, "If we run across someone doing it obviously we can address it, but I would say the majority of the time those incidents happen, the reason the police are called is because there has been an accident and someone's hurt. If we can save kids and get them to make better choices obviously that's what we want to get them to do. We want to help anyone that we can."

A fund has been set up at Union Square Credit Union to help pay for funeral arrangements.

If you would like to donate the fund is called Casey Garza In Care Of Billie Wesley.

If you have any questions about the fund you can call USCU at (940) 720-8080 or go to their website.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6