Shooting Spree Victims Speak Out

Shooting Spree Victims Speak Out

The mother of a Marine who was killed while going on a deadly rampage in West Texas near Eden spoke out Tuesday.

She said that her son, Esteban J. Smith went crazy before the shooting spree that killed one woman and left several other people injured.

Smith is also suspected of killing wife, whose body was found in a North Carolina motel room near their residence.

His mother also said that she don't know about any problems between her son and her daughter-in-law.

In addition two victims from Sunday's incident spoke out for the first time Wednesday.

The couple was parked at a gas station in Brandy, when Smith fired multiple shots, leaving them for dead.

Both victims only suffered bruises from the fragments of the bullets.

Police counted 16 bullet holes in and around the truck.

An investigation in the case is still ongoing.