United Way Funding Finished

United Way Funding Finished

The North Texas Area United Way has raised enough money to continue funding non-profits in Texoma through March of 2014.

The Board of Directors met with leaders of those organizations on Wednesday to inform them if their money was secured.

In March North Texas Area United Way Board Chairman Phil Waggoner told us they were only guaranteeing funding for the first six months. The United Way extended its campaign through May 1 and then again through the end of this month.

Waggoner said, "We were determined to make it, we were close on May 1, but we weren't there yet and we went into that high gear mode for the last 30 days and we did it."

The funds will help organizations such as The Kitchen, Boys and Girls Club, and the Wichita Falls YMCA.

Despite the extended campaign and uncertainty about funding, the President and CEO of the Wichita Falls YMCA and then Executive Director of The Boys and Girls Club are both confident that The United Way will come through again in the future.

Randy Cooper with the Boys & Girls Club said, "I'm optimistic as we look forward here that they will be able to achieve their funding goals that impact so many segments in our Wichita Falls community."

Waggoner also said that they've learned from the experience about how to get the message of what they do out to the community. He added they're overhauling their fundraising campaign in an effort to make sure the money is secured for future fiscal years.

One of the questions the president and CEO of the YMCA, Brandon Brown asked Waggoner, was where the last minute funding came from. The Chairman explained that it came from a number of different places including private citizens, local businesses, and board members themselves.

The United Way is still without a CEO and Waggoner said that they have conducted one interview, but the process is still ongoing.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6