Conservation Crackdown

Conservation Crackdown

A new report shows some Texoma towns are not reducing the amount of water they buy from Wichita Falls, to the percentage the City is requiring.

Newschannel 6 talked to city leaders in Burkburnett about the report and found about 30% of the water Burkburnett uses comes from Wichita Falls. The rest comes from their well fields and treatment plant.

Right now Burk is required to reduce the water they are buying from the falls by 35%.

The town hasn't even come close to that goal.

"As the drought has progressed, we've seen an decrease of production from our well fields so as our production goes down that limits our ability to take less water from Wichita Falls," says Burkburnett City Manager Tim James.

In February the water Burk residents used from Wichita Falls actually increased 11%.

In March they reduced it to 2%. In April only 1%.

Burk City Manager Tim James says the reduction of their total usage of water has been larger since they entered Stage 2 water restrictions in June of last year.

"Since that time, we've seen a total reduction of total consumption of over 8%. During our peak months last summer, we saw a reduction of 18% of our total consumption," said James.

Wichita Falls Public Works Operations Manager Daniel Nix told us his main concern is how much water they're taking from the city. That's why, back in July, he personally sent a letter to Burkburnett city leaders asking them to conserve more water. Another letter was sent in February. Now, the city has until the middle of June to hit that 35% reduction mark. If it doesn't, Wichita Falls will only provide 65% of the water Burk usually gets.

"We're working on refurbishing some of our existing wells to hopefully increase their production," said James. "Anything we can do to increase the supply from our system will further decrease the supply from Wichita Falls."

The City of Burkburnett has bought a piece of land that will be used to expand their water well fields so they can rely less on the water from Wichita Falls. Next week we will sit down with the City Manager and get all the details on how this will impact the city and residents.

City Manager Tim James also told us the majority of the water they use is for essential purposes, because they use their water reuse system for irrigation.

Here is how the report ranked every town Wichita Falls sells water to:

Burkburnett: February 11% Increase. March 2% Decrease. April 1% Decrease.

Iowa Park: February 24% Decrease. March 25% Decrease. April 31% Decrease.

Dean Dale WSC: February 30% Decrease. March 28% Decrease. April 56% Decrease.

Frieberg Cooper WSC: February 20% Decrease. March 31% Decrease. April 19% Decrease.

Lakeside City: February 68% Decrease. March 20% Decrease. April 37% Decrease.

Wichita Valley WSC: February 21% Decrease. March 19% Decrease. April 28% Decrease.

Holliday: February 5% Decrease. March 23% Decrease. April 29% Decrease.

Pleasant Valley: February 34% Decrease. March 29% Decrease. April 33% Decrease.

Scotland: February 14% Decrease. 6% Decrease. April 36% Decrease.

Archer County MUD: February 22% Decrease. March 3% Decrease. April 32% Decrease.