What To Do If Someone Knocks On Your Door

What To Do If Someone Knocks On Your Door

With the recent hail storm and severe weather, there are some area residents in need of several services. The Better Business Bureau has been on the phones, non-stop, advising consumers about a variety of contractors for; home/roof repair, fence repair and vehicle damage. The BBB is here to give some information on checking out potential contractors.

What should consumers consider:

  • Does the door to door solicitor have a solicitation permit from the city?Have you verified the permit with the city?
  • Is the contractor licensed/insured and have you verified the license/policy?
  • Have you obtained 3 estimates for the work to be done?
  • Does the contractor have references and have you checked them?
  • Are verbal promises by the contractor in writing on the contract?


  • Do not completely pay for the job until you are satisfied, and do not let payments get ahead of the work
  • Do not pay cash
  • Keep all papers relating to your project
  • Always contact the BBB