Community Service Champion: Keeping Nocona Hills Together

Community Service Champion: Keeping Nocona Hills Together

In Texoma, this time of year we pay special attention to the risk for wildfires. Volunteer firefighters put in countless hours and those who provide necessities to them while on the frontlines are just as important. We are recognizing a special lady who is often the first on the scene to emergencies. But, that is just a small part of what Carolyn Skidmore does for the Nocona Hills Community. In addition to volunteering for a number of organizations, Carolyn serves as a communicator for residents. She keeps people in the know and keeps their community connected. That's what makes her this month's Newschannel 6 Community Service Champion nominee

Whether you're new to town or just need a helping hand, Carolyn is the person to turn to.

"The go to person, she is definitely that," Cecilia Langley said.

About 220 people live in Nocona Hills with homes spread out over nearly 1,500 acres.

'It's funny. We're a small community but we don't know what's gong on with our neighbor about half the time until somebody like that tells us," Steve Wood said.

Whether it's an upcoming event, missing pet, or loss of a neighbor, Carolyn keeps her community informed.

"I'm just trying to help people. Just trying to keep people together, keep them informed and help people. That's why we were put here to help people," Carolyn said.

As secretary for the Nocona Hills Volunteer Fire Department, she is often first on the scene. Wood remembers seeing her first when he suffered a heart attack a couple of years ago.

"I didn't know what was wrong with me. I knew I was in trouble, but she was there. A friendly face, comforting voice until everyone else got there," Wood said.

While Carolyn isn't a certified first responder, she responds so she can comfort family members in a time of need. She also volunteers for the ladies' auxiliary, hospital and nursing home.

"It's such a blessing when you go it's more if a blessing for you than it is to them," Carolyn said.

"If somebody is needing help whether its food brought to them when they're sick or someone to take them to the hospital, she'll do it or find someone who can do it. Above all that, she's a great friend," Langley said.

"God put us here for a reason and that's to serve people so I took it seriously," Carolyn said.

If you know an outstanding person in our community, like Carolyn, tell us about them. Each month, we select one person as our Community Service Champion nominee. We're going to honor them all in October at a banquet and we'll announce our champion of the year. Whether they go over and above with their volunteer service or inspire those around them in other ways, we want to hear their stories. You can submit a nomination by clicking here. or email us at