Drought Watch: Bulk Water Sales Increase

Drought Watch: Bulk Water Sales Increase

Bulk water sales are going up across Texoma. Some cities, like Burkburnett, are even seeing sales double.

One official said buying water in bulk may be the best and cheapest option for residents who want to keep their yards green and their trees alive.

"I believe some homeowners are just trying to maintain their property as it is. Some trees and shrubs aren't native to this area and do require more water, and that might be instigating some of the use also," said Harold Burris, Superintendent of the River Rd. Waste Water Plant.

Wichita Falls is also seeing an up tick in customers. The city only sells reclaimed water in bulk, but Burris said this is a great option because that water is safe and plentiful.

"We encourage the use of the water. It is hard to water a lawn with this, because of the volume it takes, but watering your trees and the shrubs around your house. This is a very viable option that saves drinking water."

"Reclaimed water is very green, wastes nothing, saves the water in the lakes to make potable water for drinking and other purposes," said Burris. "So, this is a very positive way to go."

Burris said, if residents have misconceptions about what the reclaimed water may do to trees and plants, just go to the River Road plant and take a look at their trees and grass. They're irrigated with reclaimed water on a daily basis.

To purchase this water a user agreement contract must be signed, that stipulates how the water can and will be used. Once the contract is signed the customer can then pick up their water.

"Some of this water is transported by tanker trucks like you'd see on the highway, in large volumes for different reasons, you know, construction, dust control," said Burris. "Some is transported in as small as 55 gallon barrels in the back of a pick-up."

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.