Water Wells Not A Good Option For WF

Water Wells Not A Good Option For WF

Wichita Falls leaders have been looking for ways to find more water for residents during this drought but drilling water wells around the city is not an option right now.

City leaders say it's simply because we're sitting on the Seymour Aquifer which is not that big. Since the aquifer is mainly centered around the Red River and Wichita River, there's not much water to be found elsewhere. Even if the city tried to drill, the process would come with a hefty bill.

"You're talking hundreds of wells that would have to be drilled and the city would have to own the land," said Daniel Nix, the Wichita Falls Public Works Operations Manager.

Water well drillers have also told city officials that finding ground water in our area is very complicated and the end result wouldn't leave Wichita Falls with much drinkable water.

Nix said, "It's taking well over 600 feet to get to any water of any substantial quantity and those quantities are very poor. They're high in salt and they're high in nitrate."

Since the water wouldn't meet the standards that the sate and federal government require, the city would have to invest more money to install a network of pipes to bring all the water back to one location.

"Then treating it through the reverse osmosis system to get the nitrate and the total solids dissolved down to drinking water standards," said Nix.

That's why Nix said right now the most efficient and inexpensive option is the Waste Water Re-Use Project.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6