Drought Takes A Toll On Lawn Care Businesses

Drought Takes A Toll On Lawn Care Businesses

For the Evergreen Lawn company, business has been kind of a hit and miss during the drought.

At the beginning of the year business was booming with new customers requesting to get their lawns manicured but all that changed in April.

"We've had a few that have canceled just because of the drought restrictions. A lot of them don't have sprinkler systems so they can't go out late at night and water. Others are just trying to do their part and conserve water," said Shane Simmons, the owner of Evergreen Lawn.

But there's something that has been keeping his employees busy. Simmons said the rainfall we've been getting lately has caused more weeds to pop off the ground. That's why now the chemical sprayer they use to kill them is their most popular tool.

"It's the hope that people get. We get rain and you know, weeds are bad," said Simmons. "They say lets go ahead and clean that up. Lets go ahead and call a lawn care company to clean that up."

Simmons said when the water restrictions kicked in he had to change the way he runs his business. He now works on customers lawns two days before their designated irrigation day. That way clients won't miss the opportunity to water it if they want to. But now that stage four water restrictions are looming and he's not sure how it will affect his business, he's advising customer to cut back on irrigation.

"You can look at your grass and it will tell you when it needs water. Bermuda grass will take on a metallic green color telling you it needs water. San Augustine leaves will actually fold in half," said Simmons.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6