Teens Use Special Containers To Hide Drugs

Kids are using containers that look like common household items to hide drugs.

"If they're acting suspicious then you need to start searching things that are a little more out of the ordinary," said Kris Hennings, an officer from the Wichita Falls Police Department.

They are meant to hide valuables like jewelry or cash. They can be anything from iced tea cans, shaving cream, cleaners and even candles. But Hennings said the biggest problem is that not only can anyone buy them online, but you can also find them in stores.

"Especially the store bought ones are going to look very authentic. You're not going to be able to see anything that has been altered," said Hennings.

That's why if you suspect your child is using drugs you should look beyond the obvious.

Hennings said, "Some of them that are home made you'll be able to tell a little because you'll see a line that normally wouldn't be there but one tiny little line is hard to distinguish if you're not really looking."

You might even have to look inside books or CD cases. Hennings said you should touch the items. If the doesn't feel right, look at them more carefully.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6