Iowa Park: Alcohol Action

Iowa Park: Alcohol Action

Three businesses came forward Monday at the Iowa Park City Council meeting to request permission to sell alcohol.

Scobee's Mini-Mart, Lowe's Food Store, and Dollar General all filed special requests that would allow them to sell alcohol within three-hundred feet of a school, church, hospital, or day care center. In the past this would have violated the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission's rule but, the city adopted an ordinance that would allow some businesses that aren't able to meet the distance requirements, to still sell alcohol.

Chris Hopkins, District Manager of Dollar General said, he wants the sale of alcohol because it's a convenience for customers who want that product. The general consensus among all the business representatives was that, selling alcohol would make their businesses more competitive.

"I just want to ask for the variance of the code that ya'll discussed last week, about the distances of the schools so we can sell I can be competitive business wise with my competitor down the street who doesn't have this problem," said Randy Scobee, owner of Scobee's Mini-Mart.

The City Council passed all three motions unanimously. The businesses won't be allowed to sell liquor however, customers will be able to buy beer and wine. The special permission allows both on-premises and off-premises alcohol sales. The three businesses, were the first to be granted permission to sell alcohol under the new ordinance.

Iowa Park residents voted on May 11th to allow alcohol sales within city limits. Iowa Park was the last dry city in Wichita County.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.