Burkburnett: City Manager Moving On

Burkburnett: City Manager Moving On

Burkburnett City Manager Tim James is leaving his post for a new job as Public Works Director in Mesquite.

James has been the City Manager in Burk for just under two years.

His resignation comes at a time of turmoil as city leaders struggle to get water consumption under control. Burkburnett is facing a deadline of Saturday, June 15, to reduced consumption of water it receives from Wichita Falls by 35%.

Mayor Carl Law and City Commissioner Josh Andrajack both praised James' work in Burk, especially relating to increasing the city's water independence. Andrajack said, "We had challenged him with finding ways to increase our own production so we can save that Wichita Falls water for cities that don't produce any of their own water."

Burk buys about 25% of its water from Wichita Falls but is looking to drill 25-30 new water wells, bringing the city to 95% self sustaining. Mayor Law said, "We're the only city, of course, who has worked to take less and less water from Wichita Falls."

Andrajack said newly revised water restrictions have already cut back on the amount of water residents are using, but Mayor Law isn't making any promises. He said, "I can't telly you we're going to make 35% by Saturday, but I can tell you that the people in Wichita Falls are just really great people who are going to help us with that. I don't think the water is going to stop flowing on Saturday."

Mayor Law and the rest of the City Council will begin searching for James' replacement at their regular meeting on Thursday, June  13th. Andrajack told Newschannel 6 he can see three possible avenues for finding a replacement. The first would be to hire within; the second to hire from the Texas Municipal Website and the third to use a consulting firm.

Regarding a consulting firm, Andrajack said, "Historically we've used the services of Strategic Government Resources and their principal. If we decide to go that route, I'd want to use Ron again primarily because when we used him to hire Tim, he did a great job. Number two, he gave us a 2 year guarantee on his consulting fee and Tim hasn't been here quite a full two years so there would be no consulting fee if we decide to go with Ron's services again."

Both Andrajack and Mayor Law expressed their confidence in city staff members, saying they would be able to pick up the slack when James leaves on June 28th.

Stay with Newschannel 6 as we continue to follow both the water deadline in Burk and the search for a new City Manager.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6