Business Owners Learn How To Connect With Latinos

Business Owners Learn How To Connect With Latinos

The Hispanic population is growing rapidly in the U.S., especially in Texas and there's not stopping it.

That's why many Texoma business owners are trying to figure out how to bring in more Latino customers. Newschannel 6 and Telemundo Texoma hosted a Hispanic marketing seminar where business owners got some good tips on how to engage with Latinos.

Studies show that Latinos in the U.S. will be spending $1.5 trillion between now and 2015. That's why today the message from Hispanic professionals to Texoma business owners was very clear. If you want a piece of that revenue, you better start reaching out to the Hispanic community now.

"We cannot wait, we have to educate the workforce for tomorrow because a change happens every day in our environment and now we're getting in a global environment where you compete globally not just in the United States," said Price Arredondo, the Director of Hispanic Business Alliance for the Tyler Chamber of Commerce.

Right now one out of three people in Texas are Hispanic. In fact, the ethnic group represents more than 20% of the Wichita Falls population. The invited speakers of the Hispanic marketing seminar said business owners are not taking full advantage of that large population because they don't know how to connect with Latinos.

"Basically be aware of the cultural differences. Make sure you understand their family values and understand why they do the things they do," said Salvador Rivas, the sales manager of Telemundo Amarillo.

Building relationships with members of the Hispanic community will also help spread the word about your business. Marketing in the Spanish language is also vital.

"I would strongly recommend for them to embrace the fact that we are here. We actually have a responsible income, we bring culture and it doesn't mean we're going to take over. It just means we want to be incorporated," said Rivas.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6