Homeless & Heat

Homeless & Heat

The heat in Texoma seems to be affecting everyone, especially those in need without a place to go. Without homes, people living on the streets are forced to endure excruciating temperatures that can be life threatening. Many end up dehydrated and experience heat exhaustion.

However, Faith Mission and Refuge provide a safe place where many people can relax in a temperature controlled environment. The two organizations have seen an increase in the amount of homeless people coming in to avoid the extreme temperatures outside.

"We went from having just 6 families to when the heat finally started to settle in, we went up to 16. We had 38 children in house at one time" said Sally Hood, Family Case Manager of Faith Refuge.

Faith Mission has had an average of 60 men and 5 families come in every day so far in June. Here, they are able to escape the heat and re hydrate.

Faith Mission Case Worker Arnold R. Vasquez said, "people are welcome to come here and sit down, cool down and watch TV and drink a cold glass of water".

Along with a cold glass of water, the facility offers resources for those in need to get back on their feet. To avoid the blistering sun, women and children can receive help from Faith Refuge while men can go to Faith Mission.

Workers of the two organizations want those seeking shelter to know that there is help available.

"There is help. They don't have to be out there in the heat, under a bridge, out in a park, sitting around suffering when they can come here and kind of have a life a little bit easier" said Vasquez.

Last year Faith Mission started the 3 O' clock pop where they handed out popsicles every day for people to cool off. This year they have not been able to retain the program due to the lack of donations. If you would like to donate popsicles, water and cups to the Faith Mission, you can contact them at (940) 723-5663 or drop the items off at 1300 Travis St. Wichita Falls.

Newschannel Six is also holding a Faith Mission Fan Drive where you can drop off fans for those in need. The fans can be dropped off at Faith Mission or at Newschannel Six on 3601 Seymour Highway, Wichita Falls during normal business hours.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.