Holliday: Water Tower Trouble

Holliday: Water Tower Trouble

The water tower in Holliday has a problem, which causes it to overflow about once a month, and residents are fed up.

City Manager Marie Balthrop said city leaders are aware there is an issue and they are working on a fix. However, Mayor Allen Moore declined for anyone from the city to comment any further.

Balthrop did confirm that the tower spews water about once a month. There is apparently a problem with the alarm that should notify management.

Residents said they call the city whenever they see the water overflowing, but said it often takes them hours to respond. "I called the answering service and they didn't answer the whole weekend, so the water ran from Saturday until Monday morning at 8 o'clock when they finally came to work," said one resident, who wished to remain anonymous, referring to an incident that happened in 2012.

According to multiple residents, this problem has been happening fairly often, for more than a year. Some residents said they do see people from the city's public works department working on the tower a lot, but do not know what they are doing.

Residents have been told they will move into Stage 4 drought restrictions in June. "It makes people really mad because you try and you try to stick by the restrictions and then the city is sitting there letting the water just waste away," said one resident. "It's just pointless. I'd like to be over there with a bucket catching some of it, when they're just letting it spew out into the ditch."