Montague Co. Twister: One Month Later

Montague Co. Twister: One Month Later

It's been a month since a tornado destroyed homes and businesses in an area south of Bowie in Montague County and people there are still rising from the rubble.

Not much has changed at the club house of the Top O'The Lake Country Club. The debris left behind by the tornado is still there and there are no construction workers rebuilding. But there's actually a reason.

"We have workers here still picking up trees but we can't touch the club house at the time until the insurance has worked out," said Kelly Miller, the Golf Professional at the Top O'The Lake Country Club.

Miller said right now his priority is the golf course because that's what brings in the money. That's why he made some changes to keep the business up and running even without a club house. The public bathrooms were destroyed so now golfers have to use portable bathrooms. They also have to stop at a tent to pay their fee before hitting the greens.

"Before it was tore up we would go into the pro shop and get what we needed but now we just come up and this is the first time I guess that we had to come up and pay on the side so it was a shock to walk into," said a golfer.

Ground keepers are still cleaning up some areas on the golf course. The first hole sustained the most damage. Trees that were around it were completely ripped off from the ground and some of the limbs are still lying there. But golfers and residents continue to be loyal to the place that has entertained them for many years.

"It's the glue that holds the community together. It gives us something to do. Most of the residents here play golf," said a Bowie resident.

And Miller said, "I have a beer garden of sorts out by the putting green under the shade where people can come and have a drink or chant and hang out. We don't want this to get our hopes down."

Country club officials say they plan on lowering prices at the golf course within the next month to accommodate the club members. They say it wouldn't be fair to members to charge them the normal rates with all of the changes that have been made.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6