BBB Offers Hail Repair Advice

The Better Business Bureau is receiving a lot of calls from consumers who sustained hail damage to their vehicles.  The BBB offers the following advice:

  • Call your insurance agent or company immediately to report the damage and discuss how to proceed with repairs.
  • After an insurance adjuster has surveyed your vehicle's hail damage, you will need to find a reputable auto body shop to make repairs.
  • If you choose a repair shop on your own, contact the Better Business Bureau or get referrals from friends.
  • Talk to experts at the body shop. Hail damage to sheet metal may need to be hammered and painted. Or technicians may recommend paintless dent removal (PDR), which involves using specially-molded metal tools on the underside of a damaged part that will not disturb the factory finish.
  • Your insurance company will be able to determine the severity of your damage and consult with you and the body shop on which repair method makes the most sense for your vehicle.
  • Find out how long the repair will take. If many cars were damaged in your area, it may take a while to schedule the repair.
  • Make sure your vehicle is repaired to your satisfaction. Check for any remaining dents before driving your vehicle home.
  • Most importantly get guarantee and contact information from the shop in writing. If you notice a flaw in your vehicle's repair, you should be able to have it fixed at no additional charge.