Burkburnett Is On Track To Meet Water Reduction Goal

Burkburnett Is On Track To Meet Water Reduction Goal

Burkburnett has a little bit more time to reduce the usage of water it gets from Wichita Falls without getting penalized.

Wichita Falls Public Works Operations Manager Daniel Nix looked at Burkburnett's water meter readings from the last two weeks. He wouldn't say exactly how much usage Burk has been able to reduce from the water it gets from Wichita Falls, but he said the city is on track to meet that 35% reduction goal.

That's why as of now, Wichita Falls will not penalize Burk and will not reduce the amount of water it sends to its residents.

"It's just a goal. It's not a hard and fast you will hit it so as long as you're showing progress and you're moving in the right direction, that you're making an effort then we will let you do it on your own willingly," said Nix.

Nix said on July 1st he will review Burk's water reduction numbers again. If the numbers start slipping back, he will re-consider penalizing Burk. But Nix said he's confident the goal will be met. You see, 75% of Burk's water comes from it's own water well field and some changes have been made there.

"They're currently doing work in that well field to increase production. I think that helped. They're looking at certain things within their distribution system that can change and will affect how much water is brought in from Wichita Falls," said Nix.

Nix said so far the other towns that buy water from Wichita Falls continue to be close to hitting the 35% water reduction goal. Wichita Falls is also on its way. In April the city conserved 32% of its water usage and in May it reduced 28%.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6