WFISD Board Discussed School Closures

WFISD Board Discussed School Closures

The Wichita Falls ISD held a special session Tuesday night to break down the Facilities Master Plan. Among a list of possible changes, major topics of discussion included closing and consolidating schools.

An appraisal process of the Barwise property is underway.The board's goal is to determine if closing the school would be financially responsible.The agenda also included a possible Zundy rebuild, and Rider expansion.

Board members discussed moving sixth grade classes to the middle schools, which would result in the closure of one elementary school.

Another major consideration in the facilities plan was school safety. Security check points inside of some schools were proposed. As well as an upgrade to in-school communication.

Stadium improvements were also discussed at the meeting. Board members would request to help from the city to help fund the much needed renovations.

No final decisions were made, the ISD board will meet again on July 11-th to discuss the plan in more detail.