Storm Shelter Sales Spike After Recent Tornadoes

Storm Shelter Sales Spike After Recent Tornadoes

On June 20th it will be a month since an EF5 Tornado wreaked havoc across Moore, OK and still people and businesses in Texoma are being impacted by it.

Storm shelter companies are busier than ever providing a safe heaven for concerned Texomans. The Bethel Children's Day Care Center in Graham is one of the many businesses installing a storm shelter. Melissa Renicks, the executive director of the center, said keeping the kids away from danger is the most important part of her job, especially when that danger is caused by mother nature.

Currently during severe weather, Renicks would have to huddle the children into a small bathroom. But she decided the bathroom wasn't good enough after she found out the Moore tornado destroyed two elementary schools, a day care center, and left 14 dead including 9 children. That's why the day care center purchased an underground storm shelter.

Norma Wright, the owner of N-Tex Construction has been installing storm shelters for 17 years and she's never had so many sales.

"The day after Moore we had over 15 calls. Since then it has slowed down a little bit but we're installing up to 4 to 5 storm shelters a week," said Wright.

The day care center is paying a hefty bill of $3,500 for the 6 by 8 feet storm shelter that is now sitting in a hole that is 54 inches deep. Renicks recognizes that the shelter is expensive, but she believes people's lives don't have a price tag.

Wright wishes she didn't have to raise the prices of her storm shelters but her manufacturers are so backed up with orders that they are charging her more money. That means she has to charge her customers more.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6