Call Field Standoff

Call Field Standoff

Police were called out around 3:00pm Wednesday, for a disturbance with a female and reports of shots fired, on the 44 hundred block of Call Field Road. When police arrived, they quickly surveyed the situation and swiftly moved into action, taking all precautions and ensuring the safety of officers and residents.

The suspect 56 year-old Craig Allen Shave had fired at least one gunshot and was believed to be armed with high powered rifles.

"In the disturbance there was information about shots being fired. So, the situation obviously becomes extremely dangerous at that point," John Spragins, Public Information Officer for the WFPD.

The SWAT team and negotiators were quickly deployed as streets were shut down and residents were evacuated. A nearby day care was also notified and the children were taken inside. Alerts were sent out urging citizens to stay away from the area. Sgt. Spragins said it's an inconvenience for residents but safety is the main concern.

"Unfortunately, sometimes that does mean shutting down roads or evacuating residents. Or, in this case we had a child care very close and we want those kids inside," said Sgt. Spragins.

Investigators collected information, interviewed people involved and took control of the scene. Then the suspect peacefully surrendered. "once everything was in place then the person that was involved in the disturbance was taken into custody without any incident," said Spragins.

Fortunately, there were no injuries sustained by police or citizens and there was no one taken hostage. The suspect was detained and detectives began searching the house for evidence.

"Next thing they're going to do is start processing the scene, determine what evidence needs to be collected, and what charges are pending and need to be filed," said Spragins.

Craig Allen Shave was taken to the Wichita County Jail and charged with Aggravated Assault - Family Violence.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.