Wichita Falls Regional Airport Opens New Entry Road

If you are flying out of Wichita Falls this summer for a vacation or work. You might notice something different about the entranceway to the terminal.

On Thursday, the Wichita Falls Regional Airport opened a $4.2 million renovation on its entry road. The FAA paid for about 90 percent of the construction on the entry road.

LeAnn Moran, Airport Administrator  said "The advantages of the new entry road is going to be a better flow of traffic with the parking lot having more spaces available for people to park."

The entry road is not the only area getting an upgrade. A new terminal and commercial aircraft apron will be built as well. The new terminal and commercial aircraft will cost approximately $26 million. Moran said she hopes the FAA will help contribute to the new terminal and commercial aircraft apron.

The new renovations will help make airport visitors more comfortable when they are traveling through Wichita Falls.

James Parish Newschannel 6