Homeowners Save Money By Securing Homes

Homeowners Save Money By Securing Homes

Wichita Falls homeowner Kim Hogue wanted to keep burglars out of her house so she let in law enforcement in to do a security inspection.

Her timing couldn't be better. Wichita County Sheriff's Office Deputy Melvin Joyner said burglary cases usually spike during the summer because more people go away for vacation.

"We just want to make sure that we're living in a safe location, that we're taking care of the things we need to take care of and if that's something that we need to do then that's something we want to look at," said Hogue.

Joyner says in Wichita County burglars usually kick open a door to get into a home. That's why the first thing he checked were the locks.

"We're looking for a dead bolt that has at lest one inch throw and that's the part that penetrates through the door frame and secures it. We're also looking to make sure that there's a metal stripe plate that metal throw is going through," said Joyner.

Then Joyner checked if the windows had a secondary locking device. And he said while many people rely on their alarm system to keep away crooks, homeowners don't always check if it's working properly. The good news is that if your locks, windows and alarm pass the test, you can save money on your homeowners insurance.

"Most major insurance companies offer 5% for the windows and door locks. An additional 15% if they have an alarm system that's approved that's monitored," said Joyner.

The service is free of charge. If you want your home inspected you can contact Joyner at 940-716-8676. The Wichita Falls Police Department also makes inspections. You can contact WFPD at 940.720.5016.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6