Reopening of Walmart

Reopening of Walmart

Many Texomans rushed to the Walmart off Central Freeway this morning. The Walmart was reopening but that's not the only reason why customers were there. The Walmart received extra shipments of ammunition and were selling it after its reopening. Many people lined up to buy it because ammunition has become hard to find.

A Walmart shopper said he was in line because ammunition has become scarce and Walmart has the best quality and price.

The extra shipments of ammunition were not the only reason why people went to the Walmart. Mayor Glenn Barham was there to celebrate the reopening. Barham said he is very excited about the reopening because it will help the city's economy by creating new jobs.

Store Director Sean Biner said "With this remodel we have already been able to add 25 to 30 associates and the goal by the end of the year is to bring on another 25 to 30."

The Walmart will need more employees to help sell the new merchandise that they will carry.

Store Director Sean Biner said "We are going to be carrying fire arms again. We are going to be able to cut fabric, fleece, and molten fabric. Our produce department is going to allow us to carry more merchandise and have a better selection."

The new renovations will also give their customers a better shopping experience.

James Parish Newschannel 6