Fireworks Frenzy

Fireworks Frenzy

The Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner and with that, many people are gearing up to watch fireworks light up the sky. Fireworks have long been a Independence Day tradition here in the United States and Monday marked the first day to buy and sell fireworks in Texoma.

This year due to the drought and dry conditions, city officials had to shorten the number of days fireworks are allowed to be sold. This has posed as a problem for firework business owner Russell Nettles.

"Historically, dry conditions have limited firework sales so when it's dry it's just not good. It hurts the business there's no question there", he said.

Properly licensed stores will be allowed to sell fireworks until midnight of July 4th. Russell's Fireworks saw customers coming in all the way from the Dallas-Fort Worth area first thing Monday morning. Over 400 to 500 different fireworks are available for firework enthusiasts to purchase.

When asked how much they spent on fireworks, Justin Inman and Kate Young of Fort Worth replied, "Just under $1000 right now."

With all the firework frenzy going on, firework shops recommend practicing proper safety procedures when handling fireworks.

"Simply be prepared. For example, have someone down-wind with a bucket of water, a mop, a towel or hose. Just something that simple can prevent an accident" said Nettles.

Currently, it is illegal to possess or discharge fireworks inside Wichita Falls city limits and on Wichita County roads. Violators will be subject to a fine of up to $2000. Each city and county has their own firework restrictions. Before purchasing fireworks, make sure to look up the specific laws for your area by contacting the local fire department or city officials.

Russell's Fireworks is located on 1926 State Hwy 79 in Wichita Falls and can be reached by phone at 940-763-8857 or website

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.