New Stadium and Improvements Coming to MSU

New Stadium and Improvements Coming to MSU

The Board of Regents of Midwestern State University met this morning to tackle two important issues.  The first was to select the architectural firm who would be responsible for designing their new baseball stadium.

Secord and Lebow was the firm that was selected. A university administrator said they always stood out at every level of the selection process and that they have a good history in designing and constructing small ballparks.

Midwestern State University President Jesse Rogers said "The reality is that what we did today. We are getting experts in to tell us what a baseball stadium will cost us and we want to see some renderings of fields. In fact we are going to visit some in some other cities."

The cost of the stadium has not yet been determined because state requirements prohibited the university from talking cost estimations with a firm before selecting one.  University administrators are estimating that the stadium will cost anywhere between $2.5 to 4 million.

Rogers is hoping that the new stadium will help bring more excitement to the university and will keep Texoma baseball players in Texoma.

The second item approved was the improvements to the Clark Student Center. The center has not been renovated since 1998 and desperately needs an update. It will see technology, audio and visual equipment upgrades and a condensate receiver and pump, flooring, and furniture replacements.

A university administrator said the improvements will make for a better environment in the student center for current and future students.

James Parish Newschannel 6