Missing Boy Found Dead

Missing Boy Found Dead

It was a tragic end in the search of a missing boy.

Sida Osman disappeared from his home on Tuesday night, while playing his backyard.

After a frantic search, the boy's body was found Wednesday bloodied, bruised, and beaten.

Investigators searched for clues at a vacant home in Fort Worth and they walked out with bags of evidence.

A neighbor, Carl Williams, was the one who found the 5-year-old's body.

Detectives are not yet calling it a murder as they are waiting for autopsy results.

The department didn't issue an amber alert because they said the boy was reported missing, not kidnapped.

Williams said that is was devastating and that he will never forget his face.

He said, "It was sad, man, a little five-year-old you know. He's just laying there with his fists balled up like he had been fighting real hard."

Homicide investigators continue to work on the case.