New Home For History

New Home For History

With $405,000 raised, the famous Curtiss Jenny airplane is ready to move to the new terminal in the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.

The Call Field Curtiss Jenny Museum Committee raised half of the money, and the city of Wichita Falls will match that amount through 4B funds.

"With this exhibit in the terminal it will be good for the city, of course it's good for the museum and good for the Jenny," said Committee Chairman Robert Seabury. "I think it's a wonderful project all around, and that's why it was so easy to raise the money."

The committee portion of the money was raised through donations from individuals and businesses.

The money will go towards construction costs to expand the terminal to fit the exhibit. The Jenny will be featured in the exhibit alongside a T-38 Jet, expected to come from Sheppard Air Force Base.
Seabury will meet with the Wichita Falls City Council on Tuesday, July 2nd, for final approval of the plans. If approved, the Jenny is set to move to its new location in fall of 2014.